Attention Marketers: Are Your Still Wasting Money for SEO Content?

"Easily Scrape Article Directories with over 1.7 Million Articles and Never Again Worry About Content For Your SEO Campaigns"

No buggy desktop software, no proxies, no VPS, just enter your keywords and click download!

Dejan Murko

Dejan Murko

From the desk of Dejan Murko

Welcome marketer,

as you already know, the most important element in doing SEO is building links. And for building links you of course need content, LOTS and LOTS of content.

It would be a FINANCIAL DISASTER to have someone write those articles so you really have only two options: use Big Content Search or a similar tool (with private label articles) or scrape articles.

And Big Content Search is fantastic for building your own assets (go check it out if you need content for blog posts, ebooks or reports). However, if you want to be an SEO powerhouse, you need more articles so you can post them to other websites and use them with submitters. So the best option is article scraping.

Article Scraping Is The Best Option to Get A LOT of Cheap And Diverse Content

And there are not many article scrapers out there. Most are outdated, their website's copyright stuck in the year 2012, last update years ago - but still being sold! Others don't really care to reply to their support emails (before creating our own scraper, I've tried getting some answers from one for over A MONTH).

Three out of five scrapers being sold have the above in their footer.

And even those that you can download and start using, they're still a REAL PAIN to use. They're either extremely slow, or you have to scrape fresh proxies every few hours (a lot of completely wasted time!), or pay for private proxies which usually cost AT LEAST $360 per year ($30 per month for basic plans).

And these are not the only hidden costs you'll have - if you want to have it running regularly and not on your computer, that'll cost you at least another $240 every year ($20 per month) for a solid Virtual Private Server (VPS).

Then there are regular crashes, clunky user interface, bugs which don't get fixed for months (if ever) and the list goes on and on.

Nobody Tells You About The Hidden Costs of Software Article Scrapers

They just tell you they have "proxy support" and not until you visit forums you learn that they are practically mandatory, otherwise everything is way TOO SLOW. And after a few days you'll be tired of running the scraper in the background of your work computer and will be looking for a server very soon.

Cost TypeYearly Amount
Private Proxies$360
Virtual Private Server (VPS)$240
Lost time due to crashesHow much do you value your time?
Total Hidden Costs$600+

Wouldn't it be great if you could scrape articles without the pain of learning a clunky and buggy desktop program, wasting money on proxies and VPS and dealing with inevitable crashes?

Wouldn't it be great if you could just enter a keyword and wait a minute or two for your articles to be scraped?

Well, now you can!

Big Article Scraper is the First Web-Based Article Scraper that Scrapes Hundreds of Articles in Minutes

We achieve this speed by using cuttting-edge task-queue technologies that allow us to scrape for multiple articles in parallel! No more one-by-one scraping and waiting hours for content. Our scraper can find up to 100 articles in a single minute!

Just enter keywords and wait for your articles to be downloaded to your disk. It's as easy as a vending machine!

And here's our user interface:

Yes, article scrapers CAN be simple. Enter keywords, select a few options, click download and wait for the ZIP file to be prepared for you.

We really strive to make our services as easy to use as possible.

See How Easy You Can Start Downloading Articles With Big Article Scraper

You can also immediately download spun articles or article spintax with the help of popular article spinners. Can I hear you say UNLIMITED UNIQUE CONTENT?

TheBestSpinner and WordAI support coming soon.

With 1.7 million articles available for download, you can put your link building into 6th gear!

  • Spin articles and use them for building links on article directories, Web 2.0s, blog networks and other third party websites.
  • Build hundreds of backlinks automatically with software submitters (GSA SER, Ultimate Demon, SE Nuke and others).
  • Use articles to research your topic and create your own unique content.

You can also download articles prepared for GSA Search Engine Ranker and Ultimate Demon.

Read What Our Users Have To Say

To summarize, if you use thousands of articles for your backlinking and don't want the hassles of other desktop software scrapers, hidden costs and other issues, Big Article Scraper will be a very welcome addition to your IM Toolbox!

And you can...

Start Your 3-Day RISK-FREE Trial For Just $1

Lifetime$147 one time

Full Features
Pay only once

Daily Download Limit: 500
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee



Full Features
Pay once per month

Daily Download Limit: 500
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Works with Windows and Mac

Web application, works on all operating systems.

Sign Up Completely Risk-Free With Our 60-Day Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee

Dejan Murko

Dejan Murko

Subscribe to Big Article Scraper today and if you don't think the service is returning at least 5 times that amount each month, let us know and we'll refund you 100% of your money with no questions asked. You have full 60 days to try out Big Article Scraper!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us! Just click the orange tab in the bottom right corner.

See you inside!

- Dejan Murko, founder

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I breaking article directories' Terms of Use by using these articles?

It depends on how you use them. All articles come with a Resource box which links to the original author. If you keep the resource box and links inside it, you're in compliance with ToS. If you decide to remove it, you're breaking their ToS. Completely your choice.

Is there a limit to how many articles I can scrape?

Yes, current daily limit is 500. If you need more, contact us.

What's the best use of these articles? Should I use them on my blog?

We recommend using scraped articles only for third party sites for building backlinks. If you want articles for your own use, look into Big Content Search, our private label search engine.

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